Special events take many forms.

If you’re looking to host any large gathering, location is key.

You need someplace that’s easy to access and also someplace where parking won’t become a significant issue.

The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill is located just off Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach on 6th Street, so you won’t end up with guests uncertain about where they need to go.

There’s an abundance of easy on-street parking all around the restaurant so everyone can arrive and get right down to business without hunting down an elusive parking spot.

All the best restaurants for special events, birthday parties, and corporate or large group celebrations need to have enough space. And we’ve got more than enough here at The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill.

You’ll get three distinct areas in the restaurant itself, the spacious garden with seating for 120, and a patio area that can seat 125. With 150 seats in the restaurant proper, unless your event has more than 300 guests, you’ll all have ample room to spread around and mix up the atmosphere.

And the atmosphere is something we take great pride in here.

If you’re looking to hold a mixed-age birthday party, we’ve got a child-friendly atmosphere so everyone will feel at home.

There’s plenty of entertainment out in our turf garden with everything from ping pong to corn-hole.

We’ve got a DJ area to get that party started and, as we mentioned, more than enough seating when you want to take a load off.

We make full provision for all business events, too. Our projection screens are tailor-made for displaying whatever company marketing materials you need, from a simple logo to more involved documentation.

You can use these same screens for wedding receptions or birthday parties. Get creative and display memory videos or photos so you can personalize the occasion and feel like you’re right at home.

No establishment can be in serious contention for consideration as one of the best restaurants for special events, birthday parties, and corporate or large group celebrations without an appropriate selection of food and drink.

How does The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill fare on that front?